Episode #45: Don’t Be Clippy


Cynara gives her take on two flicks, one in theatres and one on Netflix.

Right now on Netflix: The Punk Singer, a biographical documentary about musician and Riot Grrl Kathleen Hanna, including her recent diagnosis with late-stage lyme disease.

Right now in theatres: Gone Girl, based on the best-selling thriller by Gillian Flynn, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. Cynara’s review doesn’t spoil the movie but might prepare you for some disappointing aspects of it.


-Jenny encourages all Winnipeggers to attend a new thing that’s happening called Cootie Club, an initiative to improve the representation and safety of women and feminine spectrum people in the music scene, check out all the details on Facebook

-Some gossiping about Ben Affleck  and Jennifer Garner

-The way men’s behaviour on the internet often resembles that of the animated paperclip that used to pop up and offer to help you with your Microsoft Word document

End song: Bikini Kill, “Bloody Ice Cream.”

Episode #3 – The Captured Imagination

The content of this week’s episode is somewhat fluffier than what’s gone before, and we are more than OK with that.


-Cynara just saw the new Apatow-produced movie Get Him to the Greek, starring fave fatty Jonah Hill, and she has her review. Plus: a little bit of love for the (in our opinion, unfairly) backlashed Diablo Cody.

Kate (minus Jon) + 8 is back on the air, and we talk a bit about the trials and tribulations of la famille Gosselin, up to and including reminiscences about the hairstyle that captured an international imagination.

-Coming soon to your television: Winnipeg-reared WWE wrestler Chris Jericho hosts Downfall. It’s probably a sign of our society’s coming demise. Also: Jimmy Fallon’s ratings have dropped since last year; lamenting the networks who quickly axe underperforming but quality programs; our speculation on the eventual evolution of Joss Whedon (he will leave the physical plane); Cynara has a few props for The Good Wife, which Jenny pledges to watch on DVD over the summer.

-Milla Jovovich is in Winnipeg! Shooting a movie! Famous person in a small city! We get excited about this stuff! Also, the movie she’s shooting sounds (quite strangely for a Milla Jovovich movie) interesting.

-Cynara talks about the Fiske Matters 2010 conference, and how John Fiske’s mid-century pop culture theory is still relevant.

The part of the Provencher Bridge known as the Esplanade Riel, soon to be featured in a Major Motion Picture


“Woman in jeopardy” [Winnipeg Free Press]

Hashtag archive for Fiske 10 [Twapper Keeper]