Episode #43: Cynara the Cat

Bojack Horseman's anthropomorphic cat and literary agent, Princess Carolyn

Bojack Horseman’s anthropomorphic cat and literary agent, Princess Carolyn

Aaaand we’re back! The episode’s title is not entirely reflective of the content, because Jenny couldn’t come up with a witty reference to the New York Times being racist, obnoxious and completely nonfactual in reference to one of TV’s most powerful producers, Shonda Rhimes.

First on the docket: Netflix original series Bojack Horseman, Cynara’s endorsement of it and a mention of her resemblance to the character pictured at left.

Second: The abhorrent screed that appeared last week in the Times, penned by a TV critic who apparently does not actually watch TV and thought that the sequential words “Angry Black Woman” could actually be part of a compliment.

Additionally: Other TV chatter that covers some Bunheads, some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, some Cosby Show, and a false promise to talk about Fargo.

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End clip: Aaron Paul, Will Arnett and Alison Brie in a clip from Bojack Horseman.

Episode #22: Sombre Frappuccino

Wait, Walt wasn't the one who lab-brewed the best coffee...

We didn’t really have a solid plan for this week’s episode, but we are so dedicated to consistency that we forged ahead anyway and ended up talking about Breaking Bad for half an hour. Timely! But seriously, it’s on Netflix Canada now and so Jenny’s watched the first three seasons and it turns out Cynara was up to date all along. If you haven’t watched the series yet and plan to, don’t worry — we keep it SPOILER-FREE (or very, very, very spoiler-lite), talking about the themes of the show rather than the plot points.

Also on this week’s show:

-TVtropolis, home of the Roseanne rerun. Has any other sitcom in the last 25 years so deeply explored topics of class and real-life money concerns?

-On the flip side, today we have Up All Night, which has an amazing cast (Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph) but puts its new-parent comedy in a highly-privileged, wealthy setting.

The Talk is unsurprisingly disappointing. Sharon Osbourne says troubling things. Cynara resembles every fat woman you know. Guess what?? there’s a double standard between the genders on aging for TV news anchors! BREAKING NEWS.