Episode #47: Out of Order

FOI 47

-Cynara gives a NEGATIVE review of the new Jason Reitman flick Men, Women and Children. As she is wont to do with movies she hates, she gives spoilers BUT I warn you before it happens (trust me, it’s not really a big deal). Anyway, most of this has to do with people’s misapprehensions of what the internet is really like and how internet friends are REAL, DAMMIT

-With some effort, we redirect the conversation to The Good Wife (a discussion which does contain spoilers up to October 12, as well as a casting spoiler for the future)

-We even touch on How to Get Away with Murder, which Cynara isn’t sold on but wow was that final scene on October 16 a doozy (our discussion of this show is rather spoiler free — we do NOT reveal the “last nine words” that Viola Davis says, which weren’t as good as the 90 wordless seconds that preceded them, anyway

-Would Dollhouse have been a better show if the final episode had been shown first (à la HTGAWM?)

Saturday Night Live is tanking in the ratings! Stefon is crying about this! (Maybe they should ditch the North Korea yellowface sketches and see how that goes?)

End clip: Eliza Dushku singing in the line of duty in the first season of Dollhouse

Episode #43: Cynara the Cat

Bojack Horseman's anthropomorphic cat and literary agent, Princess Carolyn

Bojack Horseman’s anthropomorphic cat and literary agent, Princess Carolyn

Aaaand we’re back! The episode’s title is not entirely reflective of the content, because Jenny couldn’t come up with a witty reference to the New York Times being racist, obnoxious and completely nonfactual in reference to one of TV’s most powerful producers, Shonda Rhimes.

First on the docket: Netflix original series Bojack Horseman, Cynara’s endorsement of it and a mention of her resemblance to the character pictured at left.

Second: The abhorrent screed that appeared last week in the Times, penned by a TV critic who apparently does not actually watch TV and thought that the sequential words “Angry Black Woman” could actually be part of a compliment.

Additionally: Other TV chatter that covers some Bunheads, some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, some Cosby Show, and a false promise to talk about Fargo.

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End clip: Aaron Paul, Will Arnett and Alison Brie in a clip from Bojack Horseman.

Episode #19: Take It to the Net!

Jenny and Cynara's heads pasted onto a screen capture from Hockey Night in Canada's "Coach's Corner" with Ron McLean and Don Cherry.

And we’re back! Sound quality is not so great on this episode. We apologize.

1:30 – Community! Rough start, strong third episode.

12:30 – Blink and you missed it (and not a moment too soon): The Playboy Club. But we talk more about how muscled arms are “in” for women these days, or at least “in” as long as you’re femme.

15:20 – Rosie O’Donnell has a new show. Cynara realizes she basically blocked out everything Rosie has said and done since the end of her ’90s-era daytime talk show. Also, Cynara is not really impressed with how Oprah now goes on TV and analyzes people who were on her old show in the past, but this time they’re not there to defend themselves!

25:05 – Zooey Deschanel. Jenny actually likes her new sitcom.

31:00 – The Eli Gold Show, um, we mean, The Good Wife. Jenny is bored of Will/Alicia. Also, did you know there is at least one person on this planet who thinks Hugh Laurie’s American accent is crap? There is!

40:00 – Jenny and Cynara need D/s lessons for friendship. This branches into a discussion of Don Cherry and Ron McLean and how Ron defended bullying as a practice on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. And how neither Cynara nor Jenny is a hockey fan, yet we speak conversational hockey-talk. This is Canada, for you.


Episode 17 – We Love Friday

12th Doctor spotted at Royal WeddingWE’RE BACK! We’re calling this the start of Season 2 due to the hiatus between this and our last missive. We’re rewarding you for your patience with a super not timely discussion of the series finale of HBO’s polygamy drama Big Love! Take also as a consolation the handy timecodes listed below!

00:01:18 – Noting a few lulzy things from the leadup to the Royal Wedding

00:04:19 – The Big Love series finale. Do the showrunners think Bill Henrickson is a hero? Would, in fact, the show have been better without him?

00:41:00 – Miscellaneous TV talk including Drop Dead Diva, The Good Wife and some of our predictions for the forthcoming season of Mad Men

00:50:00 РJenny makes a disrecommendation for the Gaspar No̩ flick Enter the Void, and Cynara urges caution about watching Blue Valentine.

01:05:04 – In an attempt to end on a positive note, we recall the glorious moment that was the confluence of the viral hit “Friday,” Stephen Colbert and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Unfortunately, something is wonky with the iTunes feed, so it won’t appear in your iTunes subscriptions just yet. SADFACE. Working now!

MP3 Version: [podcast]http://www.fattiesonice.com/foicast/foi_ep17.mp3[/podcast]

Episode #3 – The Captured Imagination

The content of this week’s episode is somewhat fluffier than what’s gone before, and we are more than OK with that.


-Cynara just saw the new Apatow-produced movie Get Him to the Greek, starring fave fatty Jonah Hill, and she has her review. Plus: a little bit of love for the (in our opinion, unfairly) backlashed Diablo Cody.

Kate (minus Jon) + 8 is back on the air, and we talk a bit about the trials and tribulations of la famille Gosselin, up to and including reminiscences about the hairstyle that captured an international imagination.

-Coming soon to your television: Winnipeg-reared WWE wrestler Chris Jericho hosts Downfall. It’s probably a sign of our society’s coming demise. Also: Jimmy Fallon’s ratings have dropped since last year; lamenting the networks who quickly axe underperforming but quality programs; our speculation on the eventual evolution of Joss Whedon (he will leave the physical plane); Cynara has a few props for The Good Wife, which Jenny pledges to watch on DVD over the summer.

-Milla Jovovich is in Winnipeg! Shooting a movie! Famous person in a small city! We get excited about this stuff! Also, the movie she’s shooting sounds (quite strangely for a Milla Jovovich movie) interesting.

-Cynara talks about the Fiske Matters 2010 conference, and how John Fiske’s mid-century pop culture theory is still relevant.

The part of the Provencher Bridge known as the Esplanade Riel, soon to be featured in a Major Motion Picture


“Woman in jeopardy” [Winnipeg Free Press]

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