Fanvid Friday: Take My Hand [BBC’s Sherlock]

I was so pleased to discover that this vid–which only had a few thousand views when I first came upon it some months back–has now had at least 44,000 pairs of eyeballs on it, because it deserves every one of those views and a fillion more.

If I were to curate an in-person fanvid exhibit in some sort of gallery (DREAM BIG, GEISSLER) this gutpuncher would have its own screen where it played on a loop next to a giant box of tissue, a case of wine, and litter of fluffy white kittens bread to pay particular affection to human beings in the midst of a seriously, seriously, ugly cry.

The song, clip selection (those LOOKS), added text, and alternating of black and white frames of youtube user ILoveThesePeople’s video combine to create a heartbreaking masterwork of staggering Johnlock genius. I will never tire of watching this, and if you similarly needed to sob into a phone or gchat box after watching the S2 finale, neither will you.

NB: video contains serious spoilers for Sherlock seasons 1 and 2


Now, won’t you please just take my hand… oh FFS  get over here. Let me hold you in my arms for a minute. You can get snot on my collar, I used to work with kids, I don’t mind. We’ll make it to late 2013… somehow.

I’m not what you’d call a serious Sherlock/John (or Johnlock) shipper. I like a pr0n-y tumblr full of Johnlock fan art as much as the next Benaddict, but I’m decidedly old school Sherlockian canon when it comes to the Watson-Holmes relationship. I think there’s a lot of sincere love and tenderness and affection there, but I don’t find much in the text that ultimately suggests buttsecks.  The above vid, however, should satisfy the shippers and purists alike. It can easily be read through a romantic or platonic lens to suit your purposes, be they chaste or profane or somewhere in-between.

Annnd speaking of lenses: I’m now picturing some sort of novelty item called “Slash Goggles.” They’d have like naked characters doing it drawn on the glass so the wearer actually sees their ‘ships bumping uglies in every scene of whatever show they’re watching. Or, better yet, they are a Viewmaster that has slides of people doing it with little slots to slide in the faces of the characters you want to see getting to know each other in the biblical sense. You know, the existence of Slash Goggles, COULD explain some of incredibly strained ships in the fandom. (*cough cough* Mystrade anyone? Not a single scene together! Not one!).

But honestly, if you wanna ship the Buckingham Palace ashtray and 243 types of tobacco ash, I will not debate your deduction. I respect your right to suggest that I am the one who “sees, but does not observe.” There’s always more than one way to read a text.

*UNF, THIS COVER U GUISE. I’m not the marrying kind, but if was, Ingrid Michaelson covering (and imho totally ECLIPSING) Elvis would be a frontrunner for First Dance. (You know, it might even depose Jens Lekman’s “Your Arms Around Me” as the ruler of love songs in my heart).

Fanvid Friday: Cat’s in the Cradle [Sherlock/House/Fortysomething]

Here at FOI we appreciate a finely-crafted fanvid. We embark on many a late night adventure down the YouTube rabbit hole,  and I personally dream of the day when Fanvid Curator/Historian could be an actual job*. Jenny, my lovely co-host and master-of-all-things-technical-and-production-related here at FOI is a very talented videographer/video editor in her own right.

Done are the days when you had to hand-rip legally obtained DVDs and CDs, edit them in Windows Movie Maker, and host them on the servers of willing friends (or hacked enemies) for download.  (Dark days, that my friend chavvah, a heroic old school vidder behind some truly spectacular Forever Knight work, refers to as  “the ten miles uphill in the snow of fanvidding.”)

The superfen of 2012 are high-speed, pro-equipped, and stream-enabled — more positioned than ever to create these bite-sized small-screen love letters to the movies, television shows, and recording artists who excel and inspire in this business we call show.  And lo, we find our 3am quality of internet surfing considerably and increasingly improved.

Welcome to a new Fatties on Ice blog feature: Fanvid Friday.  On participating Fridays we’ll feature a gem plucked from the video platform equivalent of Mary Poppins’ Magic Carpet Bag: YouTube. We promise that with our careful curation these vids are both the medicine and the spoon full of sugar that helps it go down.

Our inaugural vid was uploaded by YouTube user daasgirl and is in the narrative multi-media mashup style.  Set to Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in The Cradle”–the original Bad-Dad-Ballad to end all Bad-Dad-Ballads*–dassgrl deftly marries clips from the best forgotten (until now) UK sitcom Fortysomething, BBC’s white-hot drama serial Sherlock, and Fox’s used-to-be-a-hit-but-since-became-a-totally-unwatchable-trainwreck House to bring us irrefutable proof that Hugh Laurie’s House is Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock‘s cold, absentee, thoroughly disappointing father.

Before you click play: please note this vid contains spoilers for all three series, in particular the as-of-yet unaired in the US Sherlock season two

My boy was just like MEEEEE!


Seriously though this, my friends, is what we call an amazing eye for parallel clips.  The Wilson/John hand-to-foreheads at 3:19 totally slayyyyys me, in particular.

Serious props to daasgrrl for a vid that can only be described as EPIC in both concept and execution and in that it actually kind of JUSTIFIES the heretofore tragic existence of Fortysomething. Trust me, a raging Benaddict and thorough en-Hugh-thiast when I tell that that show is a total and utter turd of a sitcom that not even the Megazord of talent that is Laurie, Cumberbatch, Chancellor (and even the occasional cameo from Frye) — the platonic ideal of a British Sitcom cast — could deliver from the Crapper of Justified Cancellation.

*I feel like all soon-to-be fathers should probably have to attend a parental development session with the groanworthy name like “Don’t be a deadbeat, Dad.” The session would consist of being forced to listen to Harry Chapin’s catchy cautionary tear-jerker on repeat for a solid six hours, followed by some roleplaying activities where soon-to-be dads would play their future kin. The scenarios would involve facilitators choosing things like gambling in Vegas vs playing Monopoly with their children, and then the soon-to-be-dads would then listen to the song again while having a thoughtful-instrospection-off.  This session might also be used as a form of rehabilitation for existing Deadbeat Dads.


Episode #25: Cumberbatched

Cynara is very, very interested in actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and she is positively itching to tell you exactly why.

She’s been delving into his body of work with the greatest of aplomb, and so she can report on his past work, which includes a critically acclaimed portrayal of a famous scientist and a supporting role in a Hugh Laurie sitcom.

We also get into the reasons why you might want to take up watching the BBC series Sherlock, starting Cumberbatch and also The Office (UK) alum Martin Freeman. If you’re worried about being spoiled — FEAR NOT! We don’t talk spoilers until the 34:00 mark, and we encourage the newbies to listen to the first part. We also discuss the RDJ (that is, “Robert Downey, Jr.”) flicks and how they compare with Cumberbatch iteration of Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary sleuth.

Oh, and also stuff about how Sherlock‘s showrunner is also Doctor Who‘s current showrunner, Steven Moffat, and the question of just how alike (or not) are Sherlock and the Doctor?


Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson in season 1, episode 3 of Sherlock.

Photo by lemonflavouredllama