Episode #29: Girls Girls Girls (and also Pirates)

I know it’s been a tough few weeks for you, because every week you’ve been watching the new HBO dramedy series and Sex and the City heir-apparent Girls, watching the whitest of Brooklyn white girls frolic about with their straight, straight hair and tights and all the while you’ve been thinking, “WHAT DO CYNARA AND JENNY THINK OF THIS?” or, more likely, “CAN CYNARA EVEN WATCH THIS SHOW WITHOUT PIECES OF HER BRAIN MATTER ENDING UP SPLATTERED ON THE CHESTERFIELD?”

The wait is over. Listen to this episode and you will know our minds on the topic of Lena Dunham’s first televisual offering. And you might be SURPRISED. Just saying!

Because Cynara was good and watched, at Jenny’s behest, all three thus far aired Girls episodes, Jenny allowed her to discuss a kiddie flick an animated picture: The Pirates! Band of Misfits, which, she notes, is brought to us by Aardman Animations, the makers of Wallace and Gromit.

End music: Bea Arthur performing “Threepenny Opera/Pirate Jenny.”

Fatties on Ice Podcast – Episode #1

Where we discuss:

-Jimmy Fallon’s foray into internet broadcasting

-The howling wasteland of misogyny that is the aggregate of film reviews of Sex and the City 2

-Lost has ended, and maybe so has modern audiences’ need for cohesive plot in storytelling

-The new Kotex commercials and why we’re not really buying it

-Curious athletic clothing brands found in Vancouver, B.C.

-A bizarre romantic move Cynara saw in a Harlequin TV movie once

Take a listen, and we’ll talk at you again next week!


“Why Sex and the City 2 is a Science Fiction Movie” [io9.com]

Roger Ebert’s review [rogerebert.suntimes.com]

Lindy West’s review [thestranger.com]

Wajahat Ali’s review [salon.com]

How to Insert a Tampon [youtube.com]