Episode #49: She’s All Fat

  • Jenny has been rewatching Full House on Netflix and the nostalgia for white girlhood in the ’80s has overtaken her
  • Cynara was inadvertently exposed to the trailer for the upcoming “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” makeover movie The DUFF and rage has overtaken her
  • The new Keira Knightley/Chloë Grace Moretz flick, Laggies, is really great and also we are firmly pro-Keira at this point
  • We recommend some German Christmas traditions

End clip: Full House theme song as it was played during the credits for season 3 (1989-90)

Other references:

Too Many Cooks [Adult Swim/YouTube]

Wiehnachtspyramide [Wikipedia]

Episode #23: Boobs Out

Little Bayar takes a stand on the Mongolian steppe in Babies

In this epsiode:

  • That adorable Babies documentary (see photo)
  • That (according to Cynara) objectionable sci-fi Timberlake vehicle In Time
  • That unforgivable thing Seth Meyers did on Saturday Night Live wherein he dragged the blameless and pure Kermit the Frog into his mire of fatphobia
  • Childhood anecdote about cows
  • Metaphors involving breasts