The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 7: “Pretty Much Dead Already”

Previously: There are walkers in the barn. “They’re not people.” Carol appreciates Daryl. Shane sacrificed a man’s life. Dale suspects this. Lori is pregnant, and she also had an affair with Shane.

Note: my recap of this episode is not going to be as exhaustive as previous ones have been, because I just haven’t had the time this week. BUT! I did put some general review-type thoughts at the end.

Everyone is gloomily hanging out at the campsite, eating and sharpening knives and stuff. After exchanging a look with Dale, Glenn, with only, “So, guys” by way of preamble, announces that there are zombies in the barn.

Cut to the barn. Yes, there are zombies in there. The group discusses the situation. Shane wants to either kill all the barn zombies or leave the farm. Rick and the others do not want to leave because they have not yet found Sophia. They all spend the rest of the scene loudly fighting outside a rickety barn full of zombies, which doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Bear McCreary’s Strings of Doom and Destruction. Credits.
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Recap: The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 6: “Secrets”

Previously: Glenn and Maggie got naked. Shane and Andrea cleaned guns. Lori got Glenn to fetch a pregnancy test. It was positive! Andrea grazed Daryl with a bullet thinking he was dead. Glenn found the zombies in the barn.

Lori and Carl feeding chicken. Let’s take a moment here to acknowledge that this show has the same problem that Lost did after its first season — the inexorable aging of child actors. Chandler Riggs has grown a lot in the time elapsed since last season, which in the show is a matter of weeks but in the real world is about a year and a half. Lost had a similarly slow in-universe passage of time, and it had two child characters — preteen Walt and baby Aaron. You can always recast a baby (or a Bobby Draper), but a preteen main character is a little trickier. Lost solved this problem by writing Walt and his dad off the show for all intents and purposes. Given that [Highlight for comics spoilers] [[Carl is still alive as of issue 89 in the book]], I would be pretty surprised if they offed Carl any time soon.

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Recap: The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 5: “Chupacabra”

Nearly Shirtless Shane and his buddies run for it. (Photo: AMC)

Previously: Sophia ran off, Rick talked about finding her, Darryl actually looks for her but finds only flowers, Lori wants a pregnancy test, Maggie and Glenn get it on, Lori gets her pregnancy test and it’s POSITIVE.

A backed up roadway, full of cars and people and car horns blaring. Flashback? Shane is scanning the radio bands. Sophia and Carl play checkers, sitting on a tailgate. Helicopters are heard. Sophia’s Angry Abusive Dad (AAD) is there, too, so definitely flashback, because he’s dead from zombie now. Sophia asks if they can go soon. Carl is hungry, Lori says they all are. Carol says AAD is a survivalist, so they have tons of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat, per the US Armed Forces). She goes to get one for Carl, but AAD is not OK with this, or even with Carol mentioning the MREs, because now everyone knows they have them! AAD goes on about “operational security” and Carol folds like a card table.

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Recap: The Walking Dead, Season 2 Episode 4 — Cherokee Rose

Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori and Steven Yuen as Glenn in The Walking Dead

Watching The Walking Dead this week, I was overcome with an urge to write a recap of the episode. This is probably because The Walking Dead is currently balancing on the fence between quality dramatic television and paint-drying dullness, so a viewer has to fill in the entertainment blanks on her own. Episode four is a weird place to start recapping, I know, but we’ll see how this goes.


Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead: Carl got shot, Sophia wandered off, people looked for her, Shane shot a good guy to save his own ass, Carl was OK, Shane shaved his head.

Pastoral countryside. There is an old barn. Near the farmhouse, everyone is gathering firewood or something near when up drives a caravan that consists of Darryl on his motorcycle, plus a car and the RV. At Carl’s bedside, Hershel assures Lori and Rick that Carl’s fever has gone down. Carl regains consciousness; asks about Sophia. Rick lies and says she’s fine.

Everyone greets the newly-arrived caravan. Dale asks after Carl, and the Grimeses report that he’s fine, thanks to Hershel and, of course, Shane, who heroically retrieved the needed supplies. Carol, T-Dawg, et al. are relieved; Shane is guilty in the corner.

There is a funeral for Otis. It turns out they weren’t gathering firewood earlier; they were gathering stones, which they have put in a huge pile, presumably as a cairn to substitute for the fact that they don’t have Otis’s body (given that Shane left him to be torn apart by zombies in one of the worst death scenarios possible).

Hershel is the ersatz preacher now, with the funeral God talk. Shane is flashing back to Otis’s death, and then everyone insists that he say a few words because he was with Otis at the end. Still flashing back, Shane concocts a complete fiction about Otis offering to take up the rear and dying as a result. The strains of Bear McCreary’s Ominous String Orchestra rise as Shane puts a final stone on Otis’s cairn.

Title credits. Which I think are quite eerie and cool, actually.

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