Episode #45: Don’t Be Clippy


Cynara gives her take on two flicks, one in theatres and one on Netflix.

Right now on Netflix: The Punk Singer, a biographical documentary about musician and Riot Grrl Kathleen Hanna, including her recent diagnosis with late-stage lyme disease.

Right now in theatres: Gone Girl, based on the best-selling thriller by Gillian Flynn, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. Cynara’s review doesn’t spoil the movie but might prepare you for some disappointing aspects of it.


-Jenny encourages all Winnipeggers to attend a new thing that’s happening called Cootie Club, an initiative to improve the representation and safety of women and feminine spectrum people in the music scene, check out all the details on Facebook

-Some gossiping about Ben Affleck  and Jennifer Garner

-The way men’s behaviour on the internet often resembles that of the animated paperclip that used to pop up and offer to help you with your Microsoft Word document

End song: Bikini Kill, “Bloody Ice Cream.”

Episode #34: Close That Loop

Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect; Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Bruce Willis as Joe in Looper

In this episode, we’re talking about two buzzworthy/hyped fall movies.

-Our enjoyment of Pitch Perfect was somewhat hampered by ill-applied (and, let’s face it, racist) tropes, but buoyed by Rebel Wilson
-You may be interested to know that Cynara thinks Step Up Revolution beats Pitch Perfect hands down (or, should we say, several bouncing cars down)
-A detour into the current trend in youth-oriented television and film program where everyone has to be super attractive, and even the Beast in the new Beauty and the Beast is less “Beast” and more “Moderately Handsome”
-At 34:00 we start talking about Looper, and we keep it spoiler-free with talk about the premise and also the use of prosthetics in the film to make Joseph Gordon-Levitt look more like Bruce Willis (or, should we say, Bruce Willi$)
-At 46:10 we start the spoiler section of the Looper discussion. If you haven’t seen the flick, shut it off then and come back later, at which point you’ll also be “treated” to a discussion at the end of “butt-chugging” and Jenny’s opinions about drinking age laws

End clip: Northwestern University’s all-male a cappella group Freshman Fifteen with their version of “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” by the Postal Service

Link: Ten Mysteries in ‘Looper’ Explained by Director Rian Johnson at /Film

Fanvid Friday: Cat’s in the Cradle [Sherlock/House/Fortysomething]

Here at FOI we appreciate a finely-crafted fanvid. We embark on many a late night adventure down the YouTube rabbit hole,  and I personally dream of the day when Fanvid Curator/Historian could be an actual job*. Jenny, my lovely co-host and master-of-all-things-technical-and-production-related here at FOI is a very talented videographer/video editor in her own right.

Done are the days when you had to hand-rip legally obtained DVDs and CDs, edit them in Windows Movie Maker, and host them on the servers of willing friends (or hacked enemies) for download.  (Dark days, that my friend chavvah, a heroic old school vidder behind some truly spectacular Forever Knight work, refers to as  “the ten miles uphill in the snow of fanvidding.”)

The superfen of 2012 are high-speed, pro-equipped, and stream-enabled — more positioned than ever to create these bite-sized small-screen love letters to the movies, television shows, and recording artists who excel and inspire in this business we call show.  And lo, we find our 3am quality of internet surfing considerably and increasingly improved.

Welcome to a new Fatties on Ice blog feature: Fanvid Friday.  On participating Fridays we’ll feature a gem plucked from the video platform equivalent of Mary Poppins’ Magic Carpet Bag: YouTube. We promise that with our careful curation these vids are both the medicine and the spoon full of sugar that helps it go down.

Our inaugural vid was uploaded by YouTube user daasgirl and is in the narrative multi-media mashup style.  Set to Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in The Cradle”–the original Bad-Dad-Ballad to end all Bad-Dad-Ballads*–dassgrl deftly marries clips from the best forgotten (until now) UK sitcom Fortysomething, BBC’s white-hot drama serial Sherlock, and Fox’s used-to-be-a-hit-but-since-became-a-totally-unwatchable-trainwreck House to bring us irrefutable proof that Hugh Laurie’s House is Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock‘s cold, absentee, thoroughly disappointing father.

Before you click play: please note this vid contains spoilers for all three series, in particular the as-of-yet unaired in the US Sherlock season two

My boy was just like MEEEEE!


Seriously though this, my friends, is what we call an amazing eye for parallel clips.  The Wilson/John hand-to-foreheads at 3:19 totally slayyyyys me, in particular.

Serious props to daasgrrl for a vid that can only be described as EPIC in both concept and execution and in that it actually kind of JUSTIFIES the heretofore tragic existence of Fortysomething. Trust me, a raging Benaddict and thorough en-Hugh-thiast when I tell that that show is a total and utter turd of a sitcom that not even the Megazord of talent that is Laurie, Cumberbatch, Chancellor (and even the occasional cameo from Frye) — the platonic ideal of a British Sitcom cast — could deliver from the Crapper of Justified Cancellation.

*I feel like all soon-to-be fathers should probably have to attend a parental development session with the groanworthy name like “Don’t be a deadbeat, Dad.” The session would consist of being forced to listen to Harry Chapin’s catchy cautionary tear-jerker on repeat for a solid six hours, followed by some roleplaying activities where soon-to-be dads would play their future kin. The scenarios would involve facilitators choosing things like gambling in Vegas vs playing Monopoly with their children, and then the soon-to-be-dads would then listen to the song again while having a thoughtful-instrospection-off.  This session might also be used as a form of rehabilitation for existing Deadbeat Dads.


Thank you for being a friend

So I know we just came back but we’re taking another week off, because you know what, we’re masters (mistresses?) of our own lives and we can do that if we want to. And we know you’ll miss us but we now have 14 (twelve plus two bonus) episodes for your enjoyment, so we encourage you to peruse our backcatalogue.

Really, we’re sorry we can’t provide you with a new dose of Icy Fat (ew?) this week, but let me try make it up to you. My friend and best DJ Mama Cutsworth has remixed the Golden Girls theme song. You can listen, download and enjoy via SoundCloud:

Golden Girlz (Mama Cutsworth Remix) by Mama Cutsworth

And, if you happen to be in Winnipeg tomorrow night, you can join us down at the Park Theatre (698 Osborne St.) for a special screening and dance party commemorating the 25th anniversary of the airing of the pilot episode of The Golden Girls. Doors at 7:15, screening at 8 sharp, bingo and dance party to follow. Eight bucks gets you in the door.