Mad Men Open Thread: Season 5, Episode 10: “Christmas Waltz”

No clever caption, this pic is just here because C. Hendricks is gorge.

*It’s a Krishna Christmas! And it’s 1966, so that means that STAR TREK now exists!
*Lane’s having money problems, I don’t understand what they are and I don’t care to
*”The twist is that the Negron are white”
*Pete can’t drive stick (and yet he wishes Don would kiss him on the mouth)
*Uncle Roger wants to provide baby Kevin with more than just bicycles
*Epic fraternal goodness between Don and Joan (I actually typed “Doan” at first, sue me — or don’t, at least not with any model airplanes around)
*”Lakshmi” (or, as I like to think of her, “The Lovechild of Juliette Lewis and Cobie Smulders”) screws Harry, and then he returns the favour. But the question is, will Paul actually go west?

TUNE IN next week for the return of Trudy!

Mad Men Open Thread: Season 5, Episode 9: “Dark Shadows”

Are You There God? It's Me, Pete Campbell

*Don channels Satan
*Megan teaches Sally how to cry (not that she really needed lessons!)
*”thin people have good weeks and bad weeks too.”  [THIN ALLIES: SAY IT AIN’T SO!]
*Michael “Can’t Keep a Secret” Ginsberg
*The Hannibal Lec–I mean ,Weight Watchers diet involves “filling yourselves with your children, your home and your husbands.”
*Betty drops the A-Bomb
*Peggy is not an airplane: but she can write for one!
*Roger ruins yet another apartment
*Pete tries–and fails–to get with the Times
*Petty Betty and The Saddest Thanksgiving Plate in All the World


All that and more on this week’s episode of Mad Men. You just ignore Don, Ginsberg. I think about you ALL THE TIME!

Mad Men Open Thread: Season 5, Episode 8 “Lady Lazarus”

So you *don't* like my eyes?

*Roger gives Pete skis; Pete rethinks his life insurance
*Don wants you kids to turn that music down!
*Rory Gilmore : prefers hobos!
*It is totally not fake whip cream you guise, it’s a non-dairy dessert topping that melts in your mouth. You can put it on ice cream and cake.  JUST TRY IT. I MEAN TASTE IT. I MADE TWO.
*Joan will take care of it
*Acting: it’s easier for girls! They give you a costume! And shoes too!
*[Would somebody buy Ginsberg lunch already?]
*The Second Wife Playbook [well, I can pretty much guarantee it would make for better reading than Sterling’s Gold].
*Life Before Bayside: Mr. Belding’s secret past as a Cool-Whip food scientist revealed!
All this and more on this week’s episode of Mad Men!  Say, have you seen those pictures of the Earth from space? Majestic, don’t you think?

Mad Men Open Thread: Season 5, Episode 7 “At the Codfish Ball”

Blue & green print is the colour of parental disapproval & disappointment

*Cave people ate baked beans & so did Calamity Jane!
*Canadians are socialists!
*But that doesn’t mean we don’t have baseball!
*”Sooner or later your little girl will spread her legs and fly away!”
*Sally Draper a go-go makes Don say a no-no!
*Peggy’s mom recommends getting some pussy instead of shacking up with your boyfriend
*Glen is attending what appears to be a pants-optional trigonometry school
*Manhattan is “DIRTY”

All that and more on this week’s episode of Mad Men.

Now go on, Sally tell us about what happened!


Episode #27: Failing Forward

Ken Jeong as Chang and Chevy Chase as Pierce in Community

Cynara saw Guy Maddin’s latest flick, Keyhole, and had to do some remedial Maddin 101 for her fellow theatre-goers. As of Saturday, Jenny had made plans to see The Cabin in the Woods, so some very spoiler-free speculation about that picture (which we have now both seen and which will be discussed at a later date) ensues. We talk in generalities about films we’ve seen lately and films we want to see soon, as well as the perils of aging and de-aging technology in film and SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome).

Flipping to the small screen, we talk about the ongoing and very public beef between Chevy Chase and Community showrunner Dan Harmon, which segues into lots of fan talk about recent Community episodes (feel free to vote in the comments as to who you think is Cynara’s “Blade”).

Then we do some Mad Men talk, so if you’re not up to date, don’t listen after the 40:00 mark.

Mad Men Open Thread: Season 5, Episode 5 “Signal 30”

You think you're wet now? Wait until Don Draper has a go at that faucet!


Welcome to the very first Fatties on Ice open thread for Mad Men!  You asked for, we built it, and we even devilled eggs so you better come!  You can try and make excuses but we’ll just shoot down every one of them down. I mean we’ve been trying to have you over for an open thread since Trudy and Pete got married.  This is long overdue!

* Ken is… a ROBOT!  (well not so far, but he totally writes about them!  All Asimov-style!)
* That “grimy little…” Pete Campbell totally got PUNCHED IN THE FACE!
* LLWDDFS  aka Ladies Love When Don Draper Fixes a Sink!

All that and more in this week’s episode of Mad Men titled “Signal 30.”

Now off you go in the comments!  Like Joan in a Jaguar or Roger at a sexy party!  Just don’t get so wild that you wake up with chewing gum in your pubes, ok?  Because that would be SUPER AWKWARD!

Mad Men Roundtable: Fat Betty

Some technical difficulties at FOI HQ have slowed the flow of podcasts, but that won’t stop us from registering our comments on the topic of the second episode of the fifth season of Mad Men. And whenever we talk Mad Men, we bring in an expert — Margarita (check out her new podcast, Fat on Film!)

Jenny: After being entirely absent from the season premiere, Betty Draper Francis returned to our screens Sunday night on Mad Men. Betty always brings with her some consternation, since she’s far from the show’s most popular character. But of course, this appearance added a new layer of controversy to our Birdie: a literal layer, in the form of a fat suit. This show is not new to putting its main female characters in fat suits – Elisabeth Moss wore one in the first season as Peggy, who was pregnant and didn’t know it. But this is the first time it’s been done as a way to manage an actress’s pregnancy.

As actual, non-fat suit-wearing fatties, I know we all have some opinions on this. So Margarita, as our resident Mad Men überfan, what is your initial reaction?

Margarita: At first I did think Betty was pregnant. I saw photos of January Jones on set a few months ago in fat suit and housedress, so I thought she must be pregnant with a Francis baby in order to lock down that situation. But it turns out she’s just faaaaaaaahhaaaat. It was interesting that her fatter (OBEEEESE) mother in law came to talk to her about getting on pep pills in order to stay skinny for her man. Though I think Henry Francis is sincere in his continued attraction to her, I think her mom is also touching on the fact that Betty can hardly stand to be seen while fat. 

It’s interesting yet frustrating how they kind of imply she is “eating her feelings” because she’s dissatisfied, even after the thyroid diagnosis. Why would she not have done so when she was married to Don for longer and had three kids? It all seems too convenient as a way to punish Betty for being vain, selfish, and a bad mom. 

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Episode 17 – We Love Friday

12th Doctor spotted at Royal WeddingWE’RE BACK! We’re calling this the start of Season 2 due to the hiatus between this and our last missive. We’re rewarding you for your patience with a super not timely discussion of the series finale of HBO’s polygamy drama Big Love! Take also as a consolation the handy timecodes listed below!

00:01:18 – Noting a few lulzy things from the leadup to the Royal Wedding

00:04:19 – The Big Love series finale. Do the showrunners think Bill Henrickson is a hero? Would, in fact, the show have been better without him?

00:41:00 – Miscellaneous TV talk including Drop Dead Diva, The Good Wife and some of our predictions for the forthcoming season of Mad Men

00:50:00 РJenny makes a disrecommendation for the Gaspar No̩ flick Enter the Void, and Cynara urges caution about watching Blue Valentine.

01:05:04 – In an attempt to end on a positive note, we recall the glorious moment that was the confluence of the viral hit “Friday,” Stephen Colbert and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Unfortunately, something is wonky with the iTunes feed, so it won’t appear in your iTunes subscriptions just yet. SADFACE. Working now!

MP3 Version: [podcast][/podcast]

Episode #15 – The More Things Change…


Our pal and Mad Men megafan Margarita joins us once again to hash out topics surrounding the fourth season of AMC’s Mad Men and its season finale, including:

-Was the finale a poor episode, or are fans just upset that it didn’t go the way they wanted?

-Lamenting Mad Men‘s continuing racefail

-The long-awaited onscreen emergence of “Poan” (pictured above)

-Is Joan’s a “bad” marriage?

-How about that abortion storyline?

-Fat suit flashback

-Our ~*^hopes and dreams^*~ for next year


“Chalky White: Boardwalk Empire’ puts ‘Mad Men’ to shame” []

“No One’s Ever on Your Side: Betty Draper Francis Still Needs Your Love” [Tiger Beatdown]

“Do Multiple Abortions Actually Harm Your Ability to Conceive?” [Jezebel]

End music:

“Cato as a Pun” by Of Montreal