Episode #47: Out of Order

FOI 47

-Cynara gives a NEGATIVE review of the new Jason Reitman flick Men, Women and Children. As she is wont to do with movies she hates, she gives spoilers BUT I warn you before it happens (trust me, it’s not really a big deal). Anyway, most of this has to do with people’s misapprehensions of what the internet is really like and how internet friends are REAL, DAMMIT

-With some effort, we redirect the conversation to The Good Wife (a discussion which does contain spoilers up to October 12, as well as a casting spoiler for the future)

-We even touch on How to Get Away with Murder, which Cynara isn’t sold on but wow was that final scene on October 16 a doozy (our discussion of this show is rather spoiler free — we do NOT reveal the “last nine words” that Viola Davis says, which weren’t as good as the 90 wordless seconds that preceded them, anyway

-Would Dollhouse have been a better show if the final episode had been shown first (à la HTGAWM?)

Saturday Night Live is tanking in the ratings! Stefon is crying about this! (Maybe they should ditch the North Korea yellowface sketches and see how that goes?)

End clip: Eliza Dushku singing in the line of duty in the first season of Dollhouse

Episode #30: Stark Spangled Banner (a.k.a. The Avengers Episode)

Avengers Booty Ass-semble by Kevin Bolk

Avengers Booty Ass-emble by Kevin Bolk

Cynara made one of her twice-annual visits to Winnipeg and so we got to record this without the interference of Skype.

WARNING: We laugh way louder and harder when we’re in the same room together (apparently).


  • The “fridging” of female characters, in comics and in the Whedon canon
  • Is the “strong, still” acting presence that Scarlett Johansen brings underrated because she’s a woman? (Yes.)
  • The movie had too much Gwyneth, for Jenny’s taste and about enough Edward Norton for everyone’s taste.
  • Chris Evans’ Body And What It Means (No, For Real)
  • Captain America is an amazing character and we love him
  • Ruffalo as Hulk is gr8


Episode #28: Chekhov’s Motorbike

Fran Kranz as Topher -- I mean, Marty -- in The Cabin in the Woods

In this episode, Cynara gives her favourable review of Whit Stilman’s long-awaited film Damsels in Distress, and we digress into considerations of dance crazes and the custom of communal dancing in and of itself.

We get spoilery for The Cabin in the Woods at the 18:00 mark (with a few general remarks about the horror-comedy before that), so bear that in mind if you plan to see the flick, because we do recommend you see it unspoiled.

Then at the end, a bit of a teaser where Jenny predicts that when Cynara gets around to watching the new HBO series Girls, our resident Transconian will not be fond of it. An in-depth discussion of the series will follow in an upcoming podcast, and we’ll all see if Jenny  is a mind-whisperer of the calibre she believes she is.

Episode #27: Failing Forward

Ken Jeong as Chang and Chevy Chase as Pierce in Community

Cynara saw Guy Maddin’s latest flick, Keyhole, and had to do some remedial Maddin 101 for her fellow theatre-goers. As of Saturday, Jenny had made plans to see The Cabin in the Woods, so some very spoiler-free speculation about that picture (which we have now both seen and which will be discussed at a later date) ensues. We talk in generalities about films we’ve seen lately and films we want to see soon, as well as the perils of aging and de-aging technology in film and SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome).

Flipping to the small screen, we talk about the ongoing and very public beef between Chevy Chase and Community showrunner Dan Harmon, which segues into lots of fan talk about recent Community episodes (feel free to vote in the comments as to who you think is Cynara’s “Blade”).

Then we do some Mad Men talk, so if you’re not up to date, don’t listen after the 40:00 mark.

Episode #9 – Moving Up in the World

Jenny, Cynara and Margarita star in Fatties on Ice Episode 9: All Mad Men All the Time.

It’s a very special day here at FOI because we have a guest contributor for the first time ever! Her name is Margarita and she is a huge Mad Men fan, so we invited her to chat with us on our special Mad Men episode on the occasion of the show returning for its fourth season with the the episode called “Public Relations.”

Margarita lives in San Francisco. You may know her from places such as the Fatshionista Livejournal community (where she is a founding moderator) or the premier Mad Men fansite Basket of Kisses, where she is a new contributor. She blogs about fatshion on Tumblr, as well.


-All the ways in which Peggy dominates in the episode
-All the ways in which Don is recumbent in this episode
-Disability gets a feature role, and we get to see the way our characters react in the context of the 1960s kyriarchy
-Call back to Jon Hamm’s second Saturday Night Live appearance and that hilarious “Hamm and Bublé” sketch, at which point Margarita informs us that Michael Bublé once appeared in yellowface in a movie. o_O
-Betty: everyone loves to hate her and some people just want her off the show. We consider that an unacceptable reaction
-Joan as Femme role model; our hopes for our Joanie, which include us wishing for her rapist husband to die a horrible death in Vietnam
-The race issue. Seriously, this show is all about white people, and we can’t rationalize that anymore
-Some tangents on the subect of True Blood (can that show pleeeease stop brutalizing Tara now? Like, right now?) and also Joss Whedon’s apparent reluctance to accept criticism from his fans


Dear Drapers: A letter to ‘Mad Men’s’ first family from the Black maid” [TheLoop21.com]

The Michael Bublé movie in question, Totally Blonde (2001) [IMdb.com]

You can make Mad Men avatars just like ours! [MadMenYourself.com]

End music:

“Something’s Gotta Give” from Ella Fitzgerald’s 1964 release The Johnny Mercer Songbook.


Episode #3 – The Captured Imagination

The content of this week’s episode is somewhat fluffier than what’s gone before, and we are more than OK with that.


-Cynara just saw the new Apatow-produced movie Get Him to the Greek, starring fave fatty Jonah Hill, and she has her review. Plus: a little bit of love for the (in our opinion, unfairly) backlashed Diablo Cody.

Kate (minus Jon) + 8 is back on the air, and we talk a bit about the trials and tribulations of la famille Gosselin, up to and including reminiscences about the hairstyle that captured an international imagination.

-Coming soon to your television: Winnipeg-reared WWE wrestler Chris Jericho hosts Downfall. It’s probably a sign of our society’s coming demise. Also: Jimmy Fallon’s ratings have dropped since last year; lamenting the networks who quickly axe underperforming but quality programs; our speculation on the eventual evolution of Joss Whedon (he will leave the physical plane); Cynara has a few props for The Good Wife, which Jenny pledges to watch on DVD over the summer.

-Milla Jovovich is in Winnipeg! Shooting a movie! Famous person in a small city! We get excited about this stuff! Also, the movie she’s shooting sounds (quite strangely for a Milla Jovovich movie) interesting.

-Cynara talks about the Fiske Matters 2010 conference, and how John Fiske’s mid-century pop culture theory is still relevant.

The part of the Provencher Bridge known as the Esplanade Riel, soon to be featured in a Major Motion Picture


“Woman in jeopardy” [Winnipeg Free Press]

Hashtag archive for Fiske 10 [Twapper Keeper]