Episode #3 – The Captured Imagination

The content of this week’s episode is somewhat fluffier than what’s gone before, and we are more than OK with that.


-Cynara just saw the new Apatow-produced movie Get Him to the Greek, starring fave fatty Jonah Hill, and she has her review. Plus: a little bit of love for the (in our opinion, unfairly) backlashed Diablo Cody.

Kate (minus Jon) + 8 is back on the air, and we talk a bit about the trials and tribulations of la famille Gosselin, up to and including reminiscences about the hairstyle that captured an international imagination.

-Coming soon to your television: Winnipeg-reared WWE wrestler Chris Jericho hosts Downfall. It’s probably a sign of our society’s coming demise. Also: Jimmy Fallon’s ratings have dropped since last year; lamenting the networks who quickly axe underperforming but quality programs; our speculation on the eventual evolution of Joss Whedon (he will leave the physical plane); Cynara has a few props for The Good Wife, which Jenny pledges to watch on DVD over the summer.

-Milla Jovovich is in Winnipeg! Shooting a movie! Famous person in a small city! We get excited about this stuff! Also, the movie she’s shooting sounds (quite strangely for a Milla Jovovich movie) interesting.

-Cynara talks about the Fiske Matters 2010 conference, and how John Fiske’s mid-century pop culture theory is still relevant.

The part of the Provencher Bridge known as the Esplanade Riel, soon to be featured in a Major Motion Picture


“Woman in jeopardy” [Winnipeg Free Press]

Hashtag archive for Fiske 10 [Twapper Keeper]

Fatties on Ice Podcast – Episode #1

Where we discuss:

-Jimmy Fallon’s foray into internet broadcasting

-The howling wasteland of misogyny that is the aggregate of film reviews of Sex and the City 2

-Lost has ended, and maybe so has modern audiences’ need for cohesive plot in storytelling

-The new Kotex commercials and why we’re not really buying it

-Curious athletic clothing brands found in Vancouver, B.C.

-A bizarre romantic move Cynara saw in a Harlequin TV movie once

Take a listen, and we’ll talk at you again next week!


“Why Sex and the City 2 is a Science Fiction Movie” [io9.com]

Roger Ebert’s review [rogerebert.suntimes.com]

Lindy West’s review [thestranger.com]

Wajahat Ali’s review [salon.com]

How to Insert a Tampon [youtube.com]