Episode #41: Stylin’ Daze


Clockwise from top left: Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams in a scene from American Hustle; Holly Hunter as the enigmatic and prophetic GJ in Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake; Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman in Catching Fire; Oscar Isaac as the title character in Inside Llewyn Davis

FOI rings in the new year with a bunch of movies and one miniseries.

  • Cynara gives standard no-spoiler reviews for David O. Russell’s period heist romp American Hustle and the Coen Bros.’ period music drama Inside Llewyn Davis. Thrown in for good measure is our slagging of another heist flick, Now You See Me.
  • Jenny recommends Top of the Lake, Jane Campion’s New Zealand-set miniseries starring Elisabeth Moss. (It’s a qualified recommend, given the triggering subject matter.)
  • We dive into The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and all the feelings and frustrations attendant to it and the book it’s based on. (This part is spoilery, so do not listen unless you’ve seen the movie or don’t care about spoilers.)
  • Bonus effusive YA book recommendation from Cynara: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.

Episode #26: The Hunger Games (or, “Katni$$”)

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games

Believe it or not, we recorded this episode RIGHT AFTER we both saw the movie last Friday, but technical problems prevented me from posting it until now. The reason I mention this is because at the time of recording, we were not yet fully aware of the “Katni$$” phenomenon — i.e., that this movie has made and will make piles of money, the size of which heretofore unknown to all except those named Winfrey, Buffett, and God.

And why shouldn’t it? We loved the movie, so we can’t argue with the taste of millions (unlike other YA film franchises of late).

This podcast contains ~*SPOILERS*~ for The Hunger Games, both the movie and the original book by Suzanne Collins. We do  get into spoilers for the two following books, Catching Fire and Mockingjay, but not until later in the episode. So if you haven’t read them yet and plan to, you can stop listening at 47:50 (we warn you in the audio).

We spend most of the hour-plus gushing, but we do get to some matters of substance, including some of the race-based ugliness surrounding casting in the film (which got even WORSE after we recorded this), how Katniss is like Buffy, and how we approve of basically all the casting choices. Cynara sheds some light on how The Hunger Games became a bestseller in the first place. We also get to the root of Cynara’s desire to create a Rocky Horror Picture Show-style participatory viewing script for this film (hint: it’s pain).

Episode #16 – Ahead by a Century

Clockwise from top left: Ellen Page in Inception; Mila Kunis in The Book of Eli; Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit; Natalie Portman in Black Swan

HELLO EVERBODY! We’re back after an extended absence! Cynara was back in Winnipeg for the holidays, so scant days before she returns to land of plenty known as Vancouver, we recorded a podcast — and we did it when we were in the same room, my kitchen!

NOTE: This episode has what they call in the business a “cold open.” Also, the humming sound that appears intermittently is my refrigerator.

Thank you for your patience.


-We love Ellen Page, blah blah, what else is new?

-Weird rambling about sci-fi, Minnie Driver, Vancouver-made TV, The Ghost Whisperer‘s inexplicable storylines

-Shout outs and baby stories

Black Swan: Cynara gives her thoughts on this psychological thriller, PLUS: Tales of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

The Book of Eli: Jenny liked it, though the Tomatometer didn’t. PLUS: Why Mila Kunis should play an alien on Star Trek.

-Celebrity-written novels and poetry (Specifically: Macaulay Culkin and Jewel), and why rap and pop lyrics might not be poetry on their own (sans performative aspect), no matter how hard Jay Z tries to convince us.

Winter’s Bone: Jenny’s favourite flick of the year.

True Grit: Cynara’s got nothing but praise for Hailee Steinfeld, PLUS: Snakes!


“Dirty Dancing: Is Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky’s tawdry thriller, a work of camp?” [Slate.com]

Showgirls/Black Swan Trailer MASHUP [Buzzfeed]

That super cool snake pic [Tumblr]


The Tragically Hip, “Ahead by a Century.”