Episode #44: Arsenic-Free Gelati

FOI #44 Today we talk mostly movies, specifically:
-Jenny gives a less-than-coherent but nonetheless glowing review of the historical drama Belle
-Cynara has thumbs up for Frank starring Michael Fassbender

In the middle we get into a discussion of TV’s Hannibal and content warning: it’s gross, it’s just a really good show with really upsetting content so be forewarned.

Episode #38: It Ruins Lives

Supermarket SweepWe spend 20 minutes not talking about Star Trek: Into Darkness. Jenny tries to convince everyone to watch Canadian-made sci fi series Orphan Black. Cynara reviews Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

PLUS: Game show nostalgia. We put out a call for submissions to a list of Feminist Horror flicks. And we close out with some weird My Little Pony stuff.



Episode #28: Chekhov’s Motorbike

Fran Kranz as Topher -- I mean, Marty -- in The Cabin in the Woods

In this episode, Cynara gives her favourable review of Whit Stilman’s long-awaited film Damsels in Distress, and we digress into considerations of dance crazes and the custom of communal dancing in and of itself.

We get spoilery for The Cabin in the Woods at the 18:00 mark (with a few general remarks about the horror-comedy before that), so bear that in mind if you plan to see the flick, because we do recommend you see it unspoiled.

Then at the end, a bit of a teaser where Jenny predicts that when Cynara gets around to watching the new HBO series Girls, our resident Transconian will not be fond of it. An in-depth discussion of the series will follow in an upcoming podcast, and we’ll all see if Jenny¬† is a mind-whisperer of the calibre she believes she is.