Episode #50: YOLO = YCDDT

2014-12-27 16.22.50

  • The end of Stephen Colbert (and the continued dearth of women in late night TV)
  • Cynara recommends two movies, Chris Rock’s Top Five and Swedish family drama Force Majeure.



Interview with Suey Park following #CancelColbert [Salon]


End track:

“The Christians and the Pagans” by Dar Williams [iTunes]


*You Only Live Once means the same as You Could Die Doing This

Episode #13 – A’s, B’s and C’s

We fatsplain some of Winnipeg’s bookselling history and how it includes the centre of the universe, New York City. Know your McNally Robinsons and your Aqua Books and your Hollys and your Kellys. Specifically your Kelly Hugheses. Cynara gets a taste of her own Winnipeg-booster medicine. Also, what’s the deal with Winnipeg’s bookstore/restaurant combos?

Cynara’s Movie Corner: Easy A. Did she like it? Three guesses and the first two don’t count. Spoiler alert: she didn’t hate it. And Emma Stone is worthy of her own comedy vehicle.

-The importance of female relationships in TV and movies. Buffy is high on this scale;  Star Trek: The Next Generation is low.

-We’re still waiting for “our” Superbad or The Hangover. (The good news is, there are some people who might be writing it!)

-Cynara catches Jenny up on the latest “juicy” development on Gossip Girl. (BTW, the actor in question is Penn Badgley.)

-Jenny’s TV Time, where she spends waaaay more time than is strictly necessary trying to convince you to watch Community. Ken Jeong is a medical doctor, did you know? Also, Community does right by Betty White.

-Brief comment on Modern Family, Weeds, Hawaii Five-O; less brief comment on The Big C (Starring Laura Linney and Gabourey Sidibe!)

-Vampire dramas are so 2008. Where are the manticore dramas? Or the centaur dramas? (Couple spoilers for the Buffy Season 8 comic books here). Manticore Mansion! Mermaid 90210!

-Jenny would be into Nikita and Undercovers if she weren’t completely tired of spy shows.

(Note: Cynara was right — Maggie Q is Hawaiian-born. Her Asian heritage is Vietnamese)

(Note to background-laughing Derek: You are the WORST.)

APOLOGETIC NOTE: Cynara regrets using classist/racist terminology for a portable stereo system in this episode. Evidently, she needs to work harder to excise the term–oft-spoken in her childhood–from her lexicon. Let’s all consider this a learning opportunity.


McNally Robinson Booksellers

Aqua Books

Jenny’s all-time favourite teen film: Saved! [IMDb]

gabriellaabelle’s “Women, Connecting” [LiveJournal]

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