Episode #50: YOLO = YCDDT

2014-12-27 16.22.50

  • The end of Stephen Colbert (and the continued dearth of women in late night TV)
  • Cynara recommends two movies, Chris Rock’s Top Five and Swedish family drama Force Majeure.



Interview with Suey Park following #CancelColbert [Salon]


End track:

“The Christians and the Pagans” by Dar Williams [iTunes]


*You Only Live Once means the same as You Could Die Doing This

Fatties on Ice #2 – Too Long; Didn’t Listen


-Our “conquistadorafail”

-Late Late Adventures with Isabel Allende and Craig Ferguson

-the newly knighted Patrick Stewart; Renaissance Man Bryan Batt

-Bust Magazine’s curious omission (a.k.a. Tilda Swinton and PetitionGate)

-Sinkholes and macros

-a tribute to Rue McClanahan.


Patrick Stewart talks about domestic violence [YouTube]

House Hippo PSA [YouTube]


Our new theme music is “Calcutta” by Lawrence Welk and his Orchestra.