Episode #12 – Cynara & Jenny Vs. the World

Image taken from SlashFilm.com


-What we’ve been up to (which is being sick)

-Cynara’s steampunk-inspired solution for not being shunned on the SkyTrain

-Bringing back “bagism” (or, you know, not).

NOTE: At first Derek didn’t know we were recording, so he for awhile he does what he normally does when he’s in the room and Jenny and Cynara are talking on the phone/Skype/Gchat — joins in on the conversation with periodic interjections.

-The politics of winterwear in Winnipeg

-I don’t know if you’ve heard, but It’s a bad time to make mining jokes

-Cynara shares what she’s been doing at work — marketing a really cool book


-Cynara has developed some high standards for portrayals of women in film.

-For instance, her present enjoyment of the Back to the Future series is mitigated by the way women are characterized and used, plotwise.

-Towards a Bechdel Test for fat: we need a rating system for body positivity (or lack thereof, natch) in film.

-Anyway, what is with the girls in Scott Pilgrim?

-(White) hipster liberalism & how it plays out vis a vis Antoine Dodson.



On Feminism, Liberals, Black Folks and Antoine Dodson [Like a Whisper]

A Room in the City [Anvil Press]

Note: We’re not linking directly to the Cracked roundtable on Back to the Future because we don’t want to vouch for it completely. But you know how to use the internet to find it if you want.


Episode #8.5 – Dream a Little Bigger (SPOILERS)

It’s our very special bonus episode full of our SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER review of Inception.

-Does Inception pass the Bechdel test?
-Could Tom Hardy have been a woman?
-Are the highly structured dreams in the film realistic?
-Is Inception the new Matrix?
-Was Clementine Kruczynski an MPDG?
-A little excessive fangirling of Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
-JGL’s HitRECord.org
-And a bit on the topic of digital copyright (for some reason)

Music: “This is the Dream of Win and Regine” by Final Fantasy (or, as he’s now known, Owen Pallett)


Episode #6 – S&M Unicorn Barbie

Today we’re talking movies — one good, one terrible. One we’ve seen, one we’re refusing to see.

Jenny and Cynara as toys



With its spectacular 99% “fresh” Rotten Tomatoes rating, we join the lovefest for this rather nostalgic outing. We talk about why this franchise is so successful, commercially and critically, as well as Pixar’s virtuoso marketing. We also investigate whether Ken (as in “Barbie and…”) is one big gay joke (Cynara’s conclusion: he’s not), discussing a some of the history of Ken including the controversial 1993 offering “Earring Magic Ken,” also known as “The Gay Ken.”

We also talk a bit about the way we played with toys as kids and how Toy Story captures that accurately.

Tangentially discussed: Ed the Sock and the decline of MuchMusic.

Also, the fate of the film’s villain, Lotso — should he have been redeemed? Could he have been? Can you believe that we’re having an in-depth discussion about the metaphysical fate of a fictional Care Bear analogue?


We’ve talked about this movie before and outlined the reasons we are Against It, but now it turns out that it’s not just the Racebending.com crew who hate the thing. In fact, it is the near-unanimity of the critical aggregate who hates it. Also, how has M. Night Shyamalan managed to fall so far? “From Unbreakable to this — what happened?”


Toy Story 3 Toy Creator

“The Last Airbender” [RogerEbert.com]

“M. Night vs. The Internet: The Airbender Mashup” [Racialicious]

“Animal Lovin’ Barbie” commercial [YouTube.com]