Episode #48: Plus-Sized Hero


-Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Chelsea Peretti’s Netflix comedy special One of the Greats

The book Wild by Cheryl Strayed (forthcoming film adaptation starring Reese Witherspoon)

-White lady racism and AAVE appropriation

-Amy Poehler’s memoir Yes, Please.

-Animated feature Big Hero 6

Episode #24: The Butch and the Beautiful

Academy Award Nominee Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids

In this episode:

-Jenny saw Buck Angel talk at the University of Winnipeg on Friday; her recap of that experience

-Our Oscar talk 2012 starts with in the gender-bending arena, with Glenn Close in the title role of Albert Nobbs

-How The Help is basically the Crash of 2012, not that that means Viola and Octavia don’t deserve those Oscars they’re gonna get

-We hit a few other Oscar notes, including The Artist, The Descendants, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc.

-Sidenote: can you believe Cynara doesn’t watch Parks and Recreation? (Yet.)

-And of course, Bridesmaids‘ TWO nominations (Supporting Actress and Original Screenplay), which is amazing if only because Melissa McCarthy will now forever be Academy Award Nominee Melissa McCarthy



-A list of evidence of @BuckAngel putting down trans*/queer folks [Transcreature]


Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig in the ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATED film Bridesmaids, in the scene where their characters meet for the first time.

Episode #21: Wurst Case Cynario

4:25 – Mindy Kaling’s first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Sadly, Jenny cannot offer a ringing endorsement of the book because it’s front loaded with a lot of body/weight talk that’s somewhere in the same zip code as the place known as Trigger Town, USA (at least for those of us who prefer not to hear their comediennes define obesity as “unhealthy overweight.”) Which isn’t to say the book isn’t worthwhile. Just that you might want to skip the first couple chapters.

14:30 – A detour to talk about the specific pressures faced by actresses who are not Hollywood-standard size 0. Christina Hendricks most recently, but also Buffy‘s Amber Benson back in the day.

18:30 – Sidetrack: the difference between being the 20s and 30s; how age affects the way you perceive yourself and how strangers interact with you. ~It gets personal~ Also, Jenny draws a parallel with the Dog Whisperer, LET HER FINISH. Plus: an hilarious Cynara blue hair anecdote.

40:20 – A nice show on Discovery called Oddities, about weird people bringing weird stuff to a weird shop in Manhattan. Books bound in human skin, anyone? How about a “horaffe”?

58:15 – Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube challenge where he got parents to convince their kids that the parents had eaten the kids’ candy. The kids do not react well. We explain why (it has to do with the economics of childhood), and also explain why lying to kids is NOT COOL, OK?

PLUS: Why hasn’t Amy Poehler written a book? What is the name of Tina Fey’s baby? Why does Cynara tell weird iguana stories?


YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy [YouTube]

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns by Mindy Kaling [Random House]

Oddities [Discovery Channel]