Episode #42: Gummi Cleanse

It’s January and that SUCKS even if you’re not in Winnipeg in the middle of a terrifying cold snap.
This episode covers some of our favourite ways to manage the deep winter doldrums, including: alcohol, cookie salad and cat-based reality TV.


  • Therapeutic animal-based programming like My Cat from Hell, My Wild Affair and Too Cute
  • How to make the most of leftover holiday libations
  • The wisdom of comedienne Maria Bamford
  • The next YA hit book series to be converted to movies, Divergent
  • The dangers of sugar-free candy


Episode #35: The Gilded Uterus

Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman as Fantine and Valjean in Les Misérables

Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman as Fantine and Valjean in Les Misérables

We cover the gamut of Les Misérables topics, from anachronistic teeth and hair in period pieces to actors losing weight for roles, to the Role of Women in the movie, to the unapologetically sub-par vocal stylings of Russell Crowe, to the breakaway pop hit potential of various numbers, to queer readings of the text.


  • Sidebar 1: Kate Winslet married a guy named Ned Rocknroll (his legal name) over the holidays.
  • Sidebar 2: Kimye are procreating. But will Kim’s uterus be as gilded as The Daily Show portrayed Kate Middleton’s to be?.

Jenny remains unwilling to see The Hobbit, but Cynara braved 48fps to bring you her report on hobbit holes, Eagles Ex Machina and related subjects

PLUS! What book was recently banished from Cynara’s night table?

End clip: Anne Hathaway performs “I Dreamed a Dream”



Episode #32: Wet Hot Canadian Summer

Big Brother 14 cast members compete in a veto challenge where they are dressed as nacho chips and have to dig in pools of “dip” for clues.

This episode would’ve been way more topical if Jenny had been more timely in posting it. OH WELL. What you get in this episode is some now outdated mid-Olympics talk, as well as our predictions on how Canadians will behave a weird competition reality show when Big Brother comes to Soviet Canuckistan.

Also: the TV ads that have been annoying us most lately.


Fatties on Ice Podcast – Episode #1

Where we discuss:

-Jimmy Fallon’s foray into internet broadcasting

-The howling wasteland of misogyny that is the aggregate of film reviews of Sex and the City 2

-Lost has ended, and maybe so has modern audiences’ need for cohesive plot in storytelling

-The new Kotex commercials and why we’re not really buying it

-Curious athletic clothing brands found in Vancouver, B.C.

-A bizarre romantic move Cynara saw in a Harlequin TV movie once

Take a listen, and we’ll talk at you again next week!


“Why Sex and the City 2 is a Science Fiction Movie” [io9.com]

Roger Ebert’s review [rogerebert.suntimes.com]

Lindy West’s review [thestranger.com]

Wajahat Ali’s review [salon.com]

How to Insert a Tampon [youtube.com]