RERUN – Episode #11: Point and Shoot

So this summer has been THE. WORST. and thus we don’t have a new episode for you. What we do have is a rerun from 2010 around the time of the release of the Angelina Jolie action flick Salt. Hey, did you hear? Angelina married some dude in France the other week! I know, this piece of news was really under the radar.

Anyhow, this episode also contains:

-Discussion of Hollaback — a soon-to-be iPhone app that gives women and LGBT folks power in the face of street harassment

-A videogame by Suyin Looui that’s provoking a lot of discussion on the subject of street harassment


Salt: Anything You Can Do I Can Do Equal [Women & Hollywood]

Hollaback NYC [Blogspot]

Schrodinger’s Rapist [Shapely Prose]

Hey Baby Game – It’s Payback Time, Boys… []