Episode #38: It Ruins Lives

Supermarket SweepWe spend 20 minutes not talking about Star Trek: Into Darkness. Jenny tries to convince everyone to watch Canadian-made sci fi series Orphan Black. Cynara reviews Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

PLUS: Game show nostalgia. We put out a call for submissions to a list of Feminist Horror flicks. And we close out with some weird My Little Pony stuff.



RERUN – Episode #5 – Bargain Store Panties

i-love-ny-t-shirtCynara’s in NYC on business, and that leaves little time for podcasting. So here’s one from the archives — one that feels timely given recent tragedies resulting from the garment industry’s insatiable appetite for even larger profit margins and ever cheaper labour.

This episode is about the ethics of fashion and fatshion, fast and otherwise.

Further details can be found here.