Episode 33: Beautiful Dreams for the Future

  • Cynara reviews Celeste and Jesse Forever.
  • The producers of Teen Wolf are holding an honest-to-God fanfic contest
  • Could it be that YouTube comments not as uniformly bad as they used to be, at least when it comes to fanvids?
  • Oh yeah, and then something called “Chavril” happened
  • Jenny is very into American politics, and would very much like to own this mug
  • Breaking News: Canadians are racist, too!
  • Céline Dion did a bonkers photo shoot
  • One time Enrico Colantoni (a.k.a. Keith Mars) played René Angelil in a TV movie. Since then he’s been on a show that a lot of people don’t know is actually Canadian (Flashpoint)
  • Is Céline the Canadian analogue for Dolly Parton?


End song: “J’irai ou tu iras,” from Céline Dion’s album D’eux.