Episode #30: Stark Spangled Banner (a.k.a. The Avengers Episode)

Avengers Booty Ass-semble by Kevin Bolk

Avengers Booty Ass-emble by Kevin Bolk

Cynara made one of her twice-annual visits to Winnipeg and so we got to record this without the interference of Skype.

WARNING: We laugh way louder and harder when we’re in the same room together (apparently).


  • The “fridging” of female characters, in comics and in the Whedon canon
  • Is the “strong, still” acting presence that Scarlett Johansen brings underrated because she’s a woman? (Yes.)
  • The movie had too much Gwyneth, for Jenny’s taste and about enough Edward Norton for everyone’s taste.
  • Chris Evans’ Body And What It Means (No, For Real)
  • Captain America is an amazing character and we love him
  • Ruffalo as Hulk is gr8


Mad Men Open Thread: Season 5, Episode 10: “Christmas Waltz”

No clever caption, this pic is just here because C. Hendricks is gorge.

*It’s a Krishna Christmas! And it’s 1966, so that means that STAR TREK now exists!
*Lane’s having money problems, I don’t understand what they are and I don’t care to
*”The twist is that the Negron are white”
*Pete can’t drive stick (and yet he wishes Don would kiss him on the mouth)
*Uncle Roger wants to provide baby Kevin with more than just bicycles
*Epic fraternal goodness between Don and Joan (I actually typed “Doan” at first, sue me — or don’t, at least not with any model airplanes around)
*”Lakshmi” (or, as I like to think of her, “The Lovechild of Juliette Lewis and Cobie Smulders”) screws Harry, and then he returns the favour. But the question is, will Paul actually go west?

TUNE IN next week for the return of Trudy!

Mad Men Open Thread: Season 5, Episode 9: “Dark Shadows”

Are You There God? It's Me, Pete Campbell

*Don channels Satan
*Megan teaches Sally how to cry (not that she really needed lessons!)
*”thin people have good weeks and bad weeks too.”  [THIN ALLIES: SAY IT AIN’T SO!]
*Michael “Can’t Keep a Secret” Ginsberg
*The Hannibal Lec–I mean ,Weight Watchers diet involves “filling yourselves with your children, your home and your husbands.”
*Betty drops the A-Bomb
*Peggy is not an airplane: but she can write for one!
*Roger ruins yet another apartment
*Pete tries–and fails–to get with the Times
*Petty Betty and The Saddest Thanksgiving Plate in All the World


All that and more on this week’s episode of Mad Men. You just ignore Don, Ginsberg. I think about you ALL THE TIME!

Episode #29: Girls Girls Girls (and also Pirates)

I know it’s been a tough few weeks for you, because every week you’ve been watching the new HBO dramedy series and Sex and the City heir-apparent Girls, watching the whitest of Brooklyn white girls frolic about with their straight, straight hair and tights and all the while you’ve been thinking, “WHAT DO CYNARA AND JENNY THINK OF THIS?” or, more likely, “CAN CYNARA EVEN WATCH THIS SHOW WITHOUT PIECES OF HER BRAIN MATTER ENDING UP SPLATTERED ON THE CHESTERFIELD?”

The wait is over. Listen to this episode and you will know our minds on the topic of Lena Dunham’s first televisual offering. And you might be SURPRISED. Just saying!

Because Cynara was good and watched, at Jenny’s behest, all three thus far aired Girls episodes, Jenny allowed her to discuss a kiddie flick an animated picture: The Pirates! Band of Misfits, which, she notes, is brought to us by Aardman Animations, the makers of Wallace and Gromit.

End music: Bea Arthur performing “Threepenny Opera/Pirate Jenny.”

Mad Men Open Thread: Season 5, Episode 8 “Lady Lazarus”

So you *don't* like my eyes?

*Roger gives Pete skis; Pete rethinks his life insurance
*Don wants you kids to turn that music down!
*Rory Gilmore : prefers hobos!
*It is totally not fake whip cream you guise, it’s a non-dairy dessert topping that melts in your mouth. You can put it on ice cream and cake.  JUST TRY IT. I MEAN TASTE IT. I MADE TWO.
*Joan will take care of it
*Acting: it’s easier for girls! They give you a costume! And shoes too!
*[Would somebody buy Ginsberg lunch already?]
*The Second Wife Playbook [well, I can pretty much guarantee it would make for better reading than Sterling’s Gold].
*Life Before Bayside: Mr. Belding’s secret past as a Cool-Whip food scientist revealed!
All this and more on this week’s episode of Mad Men!  Say, have you seen those pictures of the Earth from space? Majestic, don’t you think?