Episode #25: Cumberbatched

Cynara is very, very interested in actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and she is positively itching to tell you exactly why.

She’s been delving into his body of work with the greatest of aplomb, and so she can report on his past work, which includes a critically acclaimed portrayal of a famous scientist and a supporting role in a Hugh Laurie sitcom.

We also get into the reasons why you might want to take up watching the BBC series Sherlock, starting Cumberbatch and also The Office (UK) alum Martin Freeman. If you’re worried about being spoiled — FEAR NOT! We don’t talk spoilers until the 34:00 mark, and we encourage the newbies to listen to the first part. We also discuss the RDJ (that is, “Robert Downey, Jr.”) flicks and how they compare with Cumberbatch iteration of Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary sleuth.

Oh, and also stuff about how Sherlock‘s showrunner is also Doctor Who‘s current showrunner, Steven Moffat, and the question of just how alike (or not) are Sherlock and the Doctor?


Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson in season 1, episode 3 of Sherlock.

Photo by lemonflavouredllama


Episode #24: The Butch and the Beautiful

Academy Award Nominee Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids

In this episode:

-Jenny saw Buck Angel talk at the University of Winnipeg on Friday; her recap of that experience

-Our Oscar talk 2012 starts with in the gender-bending arena, with Glenn Close in the title role of Albert Nobbs

-How The Help is basically the Crash of 2012, not that that means Viola and Octavia don’t deserve those Oscars they’re gonna get

-We hit a few other Oscar notes, including The Artist, The Descendants, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc.

-Sidenote: can you believe Cynara doesn’t watch Parks and Recreation? (Yet.)

-And of course, Bridesmaids‘ TWO nominations (Supporting Actress and Original Screenplay), which is amazing if only because Melissa McCarthy will now forever be Academy Award Nominee Melissa McCarthy



-A list of evidence of @BuckAngel putting down trans*/queer folks [Transcreature]


Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig in the ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATED film Bridesmaids, in the scene where their characters meet for the first time.

Recap: The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 8: “Triggerfinger”

Previously: Hershel wanted them off their land. Beth was catatonic. Lori crashed a car. Rick got himself into an old-fashioned ghost-town shootout with Rene from True Blood.


Lori, unconscious in a rolled-over sedan. A zombie is trying to get at her, providing unneeded verification that she’s alive. She awakes and screams.

Bear McCreary’s Strings of Desolation.

Exterior: town bar. Gunshots. We’re looking up at Rick, finishing off Beret Tony. Hershel and Glenn are naturally stunned by the whole thing. Hershel says they should head back, and Rick palms what looks like keys from Beret Tony’s pockets. Glenn cautiously grabs Rene’s gun. They hear the sound of a car. Rene and Tony have friends. Rick, Glenn and Hershel hide. For some reason, the new guys don’t try the door.

A zombie is biting his way through a cracked windshield to get to Lori. She desperately tries to club out of the car before it can reach her; it doesn’t work that well, until she grabs some type of implement (tire pressure gauge?) and stabs it through the eye. She extricates herself from the car but guess what? Another zombie. She sees the gun inside the car, grabs it and manages to shoot zombie #2 just in time.

Farmhouse. The crew gathers at the dinner table for a meal. Shane tries to encourage Carl — his dad will be fine, etc. Someone calls Lori for dinner, and they all realize that Lori isn’t there at all. Shane and Carl realize pretty quick that Lori went after Rick.

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Recap: The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 7: “Nebraska”

Photo by Greg Page, AMC

Previously: Sophia was missing, there were zombies int he barn, Shane was aggro, zombies got shot, including the zombie who used to be little Sophia.

We pick up right where we left off, with Rick having just put a bullet in zombie Sophia’s brain. Daryl drags a sobbing Carol up off the ground; she runs off. Everyone else is either sobbing or stunned silent. Blonde teenage girl whom I thought was Daughter of Otis goes to inspect the corpse of her mother, who rises again and tries to bite her. Andrea axes zombie mom in the brain, as Hershel hugs Daughter of Otis, who might actually be Daughter of Hershel? This show isn’t great with identifying its tertiary characters. (“Tertiary” is probably too strong a word, though, given the amount of screen time they get.)

Everyone walks back to the farmhouse, arguing about whether Hershel knew about Sophia in the barn. Hershel says he didn’t; it was Otis who was putting zombies in there before he died. Maggie gets protective of her dad, while Hershel says, “I mean it, off my land.” Hershel and Co. retreat to the farmhouse.

This leaves Rick and Shane to have a discussion. Shane is pissed at Hershel, and Rick is taking Hershel’s side a little bit and of course this pleases Aggro King none.

Opening titles. Bear McCreary’s Moody Strings Impending Doom.

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