Episode 17 – We Love Friday

12th Doctor spotted at Royal WeddingWE’RE BACK! We’re calling this the start of Season 2 due to the hiatus between this and our last missive. We’re rewarding you for your patience with a super not timely discussion of the series finale of HBO’s polygamy drama Big Love! Take also as a consolation the handy timecodes listed below!

00:01:18 – Noting a few lulzy things from the leadup to the Royal Wedding

00:04:19 – The Big Love series finale. Do the showrunners think Bill Henrickson is a hero? Would, in fact, the show have been better without him?

00:41:00 – Miscellaneous TV talk including Drop Dead Diva, The Good Wife and some of our predictions for the forthcoming season of Mad Men

00:50:00 РJenny makes a disrecommendation for the Gaspar No̩ flick Enter the Void, and Cynara urges caution about watching Blue Valentine.

01:05:04 – In an attempt to end on a positive note, we recall the glorious moment that was the confluence of the viral hit “Friday,” Stephen Colbert and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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