Absence makes the heart…

Hello all. Just so you know, this podcast is NOT defunct. We promise. It’s just that life of late has presented certain barriers to making new episodes and we apologize for our absence. That is, if you miss us. Anyway, we will have a new episode as soon as we are able. And hey — cross your fingers that Cynara will be able to come home for Christmas and then maybe we can record a special FOI where both of your hosts are in the same room! That would be cool!

But! If the absence of our brainspew in your life is palpable, there is a remedy! Together we wrote an article which appears in the new issue of Geez Magazine – the Super Cyber Issue. It’s called “New Platforms for Old Oppressions*,” and it’s about how the internet replicates the same crappy power structures that dominate the “real” world. Like class and race and also the privileging of individualism over the product of collective work. And I can guarantee you that our article is far from the most interesting thing in this rag, so pick it up or order it on the website.

*Fun fact: the working title I gave our piece was “The New Adventures of Old Kyriarchy,” but that, as I expected, was a bit to pop culturey for Geez.