No New FOI this week

We’re both under the weather, so we’re taking a brief hiatus to regenerate.   We’ll return shortly with your regularly scheduled thought-provoking pop culture analysis and recommended dose of fatty bring-down.

In the meantime, I submit to you that Christina Hendricks in spectacles is nothing short of spectacular:

A bespectacled Hendricks presents at the Creative Arts Emmys on Aug 21st with Mad Men creator Matt Weiner

Episode #11 – Point and Shoot

TOP: Angelina Jolie in Salt BOTTOM: Screenshot from “Hey Baby”


-Cynara reviews Angelina Jolie’s new movie, Salt

-How this movie was originally meant for Tom Cruise

-How this movie is super violent!-Street harassment, and some technological interventions thereof

-Hollaback — a soon-to-be iPhone app that gives women and LGBT folks power in the face of street harassment

-A videogame by Suyin Looui that’s provoking a lot of discussion on the subject of street harassment

Salt: Anything You Can Do I Can Do Equal [Women & Hollywood]

Hollaback NYC [Blogspot]

Schrodinger’s Rapist [Shapely Prose]

Hey Baby Game – It’s Payback Time, Boys… []

End Music:

“Brand New Colony” by the Postal Service.

Episode #10 – Slim Chance of Uppers


-Free-Range Kids: the origin and the controversy

-English kids’ “roaming” distance through the decades

-Personal anecdotes

-Jenny defends attachment parenting. And maybe family beds, too.

Away We Go, wherein Maggie Gyllenhaal is too darn likeable

-Cynara HATES hugs; Jenny explains object permanence, for those of you who haven’t taken an intro psych course at some time in your life.

-What got us started on the topic of “Free-Range Kids”: Mila’s Daydreams and the obligatory accompanying backlash

-Lower infant mortality = higher rates of helicopter parenting? An hypothesis

-Obligatory Mad Men reference (NB: non-spoiler)

-Cynara’s teenage adventures at the infamous Portage Place

-Jenny discovers Wholphin

-Jenny enjoys “The Room Before and After” and explains it to you and Cynara. This is the James Franco part. (Correction: the issue discussed is actually Wholphin 8, not 6.)

-What is the deal with James Franco?

NOTE: A connection I didn’t notice at the time — Away We Go was written by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida of McSweeney’s.


Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone [NY Sun]

Lenore Skenazy’s Blog [Free-Range Kids]

How Children Lost the Right to Roam in Four Generations [Daily Mail]

Mila’s Daydreams []

Wholphin 8 []

End clip:

James Franco and Ronnie Marmo in the December 18, 2009 episode of General Hospital.